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Peninsula Telephone Services

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Peninsula Telephone Services is a family owned and operated business established on the Redcliffe peninsula over 25 years ago.

We offer advanced communication and data networking solutions for both Business and Residential customers.

We are fully accredited in all data and telecommunications fields. (We are not electricians with a 'cabling' certificate who have no networking skills or telecommunications knowledge.)

We cover all project phases from design through to implementation and testing and offer ongoing support.

Peninsula Telephone Services specialises in the following:

  • High speed data network solutions.
  • Epygi VoIP p.a.b.x. supply and programming.
  • IP Handset supply and programming.
  • Super fast networks built with only the best components.

Your network is at the very core of your business operations.

You may not require a VoIP network today, but you may require on in the future.

Planning for future growth and easy access for “adds, moves or changes” is best performed at the design stage.

By integrating your future needs in to your network design, you will be able to add a VoIP P.A.B.X. on to your network with no disruption.

You can then tailor the VoIP system to individual service requirements and handsets.

Are you planning to acquire a fast and reliable Internet connection?
Are you planning to install a Cat5 or better data network?
Do you need the ability to make up to 20 simultaneous calls?

Before you call in one of the 'big boys', remember:

  • A salesman will always tell you exactly what you want to hear.
  • A technician will tell you the truth, because the technician has to make it work.

Example set up:

  • Dedicated iiNet Business Grade ADSL2+ VoIP Service
  • 20 VoIP handsets
  • Epygi Quadro 4x4 (using g729 law codec, equivalent to Telstra PSTN)

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Epygi Quadro Set Up

Please ensure your Epygi Quadro systems are updated with the current firmware.

Hackers are attacking older firmware versions and are vulnerable.

Contact me if you are having problems or wish to secure your system.

Epygi Quadro Static IP


Epygi Quadro VPN Part 1 of 2

Epygi Quadro VPN Part 2 of 2


Epygi Quadro Routing Tables


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Peninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone ServicesPeninsula Telephone Services